Tuesday, 12 June 2012

AIVC (Alice) Pro Version apk v2.3 Download

AIVC Alice Pro Version AIVC (Alice)   Pro Version apk v2.3 (2.3) Download
AIVC (Alice) Pro Version v2.3
Requirements: Android OS 2.2 and up
AIVC pro apk – Artificial Intelligent Voice Control. Control your mobile with your voice
Seek before acquire! A complimentary lite version of AIVC pro apk is offered in the market.

AIVC pro apk is your personal assistant. AIVC (Alice) pro apk may aid you do points promptly as well as conveniently.
With Alice apk, Android individuals get a beneficial assistant at hand, which recognizes more than simply commands.
You are able to have a chat with Alice apk, give her directions or request basic regards to details.
Presently Alice may assist you with adopting operations:
Call, SMS, Email, Translation, Navigation, Alarm system, Cooking timer, App Launcher, Finance calculator, , Websearch, Weather condition, Hunt photos. as well as numerous lots of much more.
Extra to the lite variation: Calendar, Jest Tracks / Videos as well as Recipient Command for Enigma2, Dialog-Mode, Listen in Background.
AIVC pro apk features:
- Do I need Eyewears?
- Precisely how far is it from New York to San Fransisco?
- Supervisor of Creation
- Zap to CNN
- Set up a fulfilling on Monday at 12 o’clock coffee with Megan
- Just how does my day look on Friday?
- Pleasure Whitney Houston – Step by step
- Show me my pictures
- How’s the weather condition?
- Call John Smith
- Deliver an information to John i’m coming later
- Path me up in half an hour
- Exactly what is 5 + 7 * 3, AIVC pro apk
- Just how countless contacts do I have?
- How several tracks do I have?
- Set Timer for TWENTY minutes
- Just what’s the explanation of aspirin
- Translate into german hi exactly how are you
- Begin WhatsApp
- What is 5 meters in miles
- Do you realize Barack Obama
- Browse me to the following McDonald’s
- Make the light on, AIVC pro apk
- Show me New York on the guide
- Precisely how many contacts do i have?
- Post on Facebook just what’s up?
- Search for pizzeria in New York
- Who is Angela Merkel?
- Mute / Silent
- Surf to New York
- Just what is the resources of Germany
- Exactly how many individuals occupy Berlin?
- How old is Rihanna?
- When is her birthday?
- Program me an image of Michael Jackson
- etc.
AIVC (Alice) – Pro Version v2.3 updates:
- Control Panel Widget
- Wifi On/Off
- Mobile Network On/Off
- Read more calendar
- Bugfixes

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