Monday, 16 April 2012

MSN Messenger Mercury Donate v1.6.1 apk

MSN Messenger Mercury Donate v1.6.1 apk
MSN Messenger: Mercury Donate v1.6.1
Requirements: Android OS 1.5+
Overview: MSN (Windows Live Messenger or WLM) client with file transfer, voice clips etc..
- MSN / WLM Features:
File transfer
Voice clips
Group chat
Invisible signin
Multiple MSN accounts
Logging to sdcard
Offline messaging
Show current song (MSN Now playing)
Improved Launcher (Widget)
Fling (or swipe) between contact lists and conversations
Events notification (message received, contact signed in)
Notifications: status bar, vibrate, audio, led
Chat with your MSN and Yahoo contacts

- Other Features:
No Ads (Donate only)
Multiple languages (22 so far)
Start on phone boot
Very stable and regular updates

What's in this version:
Fixed auto correction of text input in the conversation screen not working on some phones
Fixed color setting UI on ICS
Fixed a number of other problems
Improved filetransfer and display picture support
Improved performance
Added now playing support to sony ericson devices
Updated language files
Minor bug fixes

More Info:
Download Instructions:


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